About Us

Our company "Ecowoodua" produces and sells disposable tableware made of environmentally friendly material - wood. Production facilities are located in Zhytomyr region, which is rich in forests.

 Our products are made of safe for people, even babies, raw materials - birch. In the manufacture of tableware, we do not use dyes or any chemicals. Tableware made of birch is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, decomposes from two to six months, and does not require special measures for their disposal. By choosing products made of natural materials, you show your civic position as a conscious citizen who cares about the environment.

 Disposable wooden dinnerware is practical to use because:

  • Suitable for hot food;
  • Suitable for cold food;
  • Harder than plastic tableware;
  • Ecological;
  • Has a low thermal conductivity;
  • Surface is pleasant to the touch.

Specialists of our company have conducted a lot of market research, so that you can choose in our online store all the necessary products, for holding cocktail parties, picnics or even to arrange your business. In addition, our prices will pleasantly surprise you, because the strategy of our company - to be customer-oriented and therefore we are open to your wishes. Moreover, perhaps, in the near future, we will have new positions. The assortment of our store is able to satisfy the most demanding customers, and our employees will provide you with quality advices. In our company, there are people who love their job, and now we produce products of which we are proud. Choosing us, you choose the best!