Disposable fork for fries 120 mm (Polyolefin Film packaging 100 pcs.)


  • Brand: EcowoodUA
  • Product Code: 5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Purchase: Wholesale
  • Packaging: 40-pack box (4000 pcs)
  • Price per package .: 20.93 грн
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Tags: Disposable fork for fries

You can buy a 12 cm long wooden birch fork for fries in Polyolefin Film packaging. The advantages of this product are not only in practicality and ease of use, but also in environmental friendliness. In addition, the appearance of cutlery made of wood is more presentable than food plastic. Fork for fries made of wood is not deforming when in contact with hot food products.

Purchase: Wholesale
Size: 120 mm
Packaging: 40-pack box (4000 pcs)
Цена за упаковку:
Price per package .: 20.93 грн
Sanding: Double

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