Disposable wooden knife 160mm (Polyolefin Film packaging 100 pcs.)


  • Brand: EcowoodUA
  • Product Code: 24
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Purchase: Wholesale
  • Packaging: Box 56 packages (5,600 PCs.)
  • Price per package .: 55.5 грн
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Tags: Disposable wooden knife

Disposable wooden knife, 16 cm long, packed in Polyolefin Film, durable and reliable cutlery, natural color. One of the main advantages of the knife, besides biodegradable material, is quality. Eco wooden knife, unlike plastic ones, is suitable for hot and harder dishes and will not deform. Let yourself enjoy a pleasant meal with our disposable cutlery.  

Purchase: Wholesale
Size: 160 mm
Packaging: Box 56 packages (5,600 PCs.)
Цена за упаковку:
Price per package .: 55.5 грн
Sanding: Double

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