Disposable wooden spatula 150x18x1,6 mm (not sterile) (Polyolefin Film packaging 100 pcs.)


  • Brand: EcowoodUA
  • Product Code: 5847
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Purchase: Wholesale
  • Packaging: Box 24 packages (2400 PCs.)
  • Sanding: Double
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Tags: Disposable wooden spatula

The disposable wooden spatula is made of birch wood. When used in cosmetology, the obvious positive thing is that the wood has a low thermal conductivity, and unlike metal spatulas will not cause discomfort with its low temperature. Beside, disposable cosmetic spatula provides hygiene of the procedure. Eco spatula has length of 15 cm. The package contains 100 pcs.

Length: 150 mm
Purchase: Wholesale
Edges: processed
Packaging: Box 24 packages (2400 PCs.)
Цена за упаковку:
Price per package .: 32.5 грн
Sanding: Double

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