Shaped stirring stick 180x6x1.8 mm (Polyolefin Film packaging 100 pcs.)


  • Brand: EcowoodUA
  • Product Code: 7
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Purchase: Wholesale
  • Packaging: Box 30 packages (3000 PCs.)
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Tags: Shaped stirring stick

Eco disposable shape stirrer 180 mm long. It is made of birch wood. The stirrer is grounded and the edges are smoothed. It is produced in Ukraine, with domestic, environmentally friendly material. Ideal for drinks in high cups. 

Length: 180 mm
Purchase: Wholesale
Packaging: Box 30 packages (3000 PCs.)
Цена за упаковку:
Price per package .: 16.9 грн
Sanding: Double

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